Habits Sabotaging Interactions with Boss

The first step to identifying any detrimental habits and building a positive relationship with your boss is a mindset shift, according to leadership and career coach Garen Jemian. “People and organizations pay us to solve a problem for them. They pay us for the desired outcome. You need to change your mindset from being an employee to being a professional paid to deliver desired results,” he says.

“Shifting your mindset about your role allows you to shift your mindset about your boss. Your boss is exactly like you — nothing more than a professional paid to deliver desired results. A business is nothing more than people working together towards a common vision. Not bosses and employees, but people.”

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#5 Garen Jemían

Whether you’ve worked with a coach or thinking about trying it for the first time, Garen will help you every step of the way. You can tell by his website presence that he is a real pro. 

"Awaken the Awesome" Garen Jemian "Happy people work harder"

Ep. 080 - Happy People Work Harder

For those of you who've been along for then ride on this little audio adventure of ours, you know that I don't do too much research on my guests as I like to take a chance at getting to know the person across from me with no agenda and or expectation other than to learn from their story, vision and craft.


Garen Jemian is one those breed of people who just have that particular kind of energy that you can't quite put your finger on but definitely resonates as both genuine and engaging.


As an Executive Coach, Leadership Specialist and published author of the new book "Happy People Work Harder", Garen has made it his mission to quite simply improve life at work, for leaders as well as their teams, by inspiring positive change and humanising the corporate experience.


I was really thinking that this episode was going to be centered on or around the topics of Leadership and Work-Life balance.


Suffice to say that I was wrong.


So. Thankfully. Wrong.


There's a something to be said when a conversation takes a turn for the surprisingly impactful and manages leaves you grateful for the opportunity.


I think it's fair to warn you that this recording is a tad longer than usual. I wrestled with the choice to either edit and publish it two parts or just serve up the entirety of the conversation in its original form. I decided on the latter as the experience was a truly genuine one for me and I think it deserves to remain unabashedly intact.


My thanks to Garen for his immense kindness through heartfelt wisdom and unapologetic honesty


- Olivier Day

"Awaken the awesome" Episode 80 Garen Jemian