We Serve Those Who Serve Our Country

Inspireship is a premier provider of leadership development programs for the Government of Canada. With a mission to empower government leaders to excel in their roles and create positive change, Inspireship offers innovative, engaging, and tailored programs that are specifically designed for the unique challenges and opportunities within the Canadian government context.


Whether you are a current or aspiring leader, Inspireship's cutting-edge training, coaching, and mentorship programs will equip your leaders and employees with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of government work and drive impactful results.

Why Work With Us

  • Native Bilingual: Serving you in French and English
  • Psychometrics: Dynamix, DiSC, EQi 2.0
  • ICF Certified: Highest standards in coaching
  • ProServices Pre-Qualified Supplier
  • Experienced team of facilitators and coaches having served over 50 Government agencies and facilitated over 50,000 employees and learners.

Continuous Journey

At Inspireship, we understand that leadership is a continuous journey, and our programs are designed to cater to leaders at various stages of their careers. With our expertise in leadership development and our deep understanding of the government sector, we are committed to empowering leaders in the Government of Canada to become exceptional leaders who can drive positive change and make a meaningful impact. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your leadership and transform your organization for success.

Six Powerful Competencies

We have an intimate understanding of developing leaders within the Government of Canada. And while each agency, department and crown corporation sets their own values and leadership competencies, we honour the competencies set forth for the country's leaders:

  1. Create vision and strategy
  2. Mobilize people
  3. Integrity and respect
  4. Collaborate with partners and stakeholders
  5. Innovate and drive change
  6. Deliver results





1. Creating Vision and Strategy

Helping leaders to establish a clear, compelling vision and formulate a strategic plan to achieve organizational goals. It covers topics such as understanding the importance of vision and strategy, conducting analysis, identifying opportunities and threats, setting strategic objectives, creating action plans, and monitoring progress. The program incorporates interactive workshops, case studies, and practical exercises to enhance participants' strategic thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills, enabling them to develop a robust vision and strategy for their organization's success.

2. Mobilizing People

Empowering leaders to effectively motivate, inspire, and engage their teams. This program includes modules on building strong relationships, effective communication, fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and developing a high-performance culture, all within the context of the unique challenges and complexities of the Canadian government. Through interactive workshops, real-world case studies, and practical tools, participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to mobilize people towards achieving organizational goals and driving positive change.

3. Integrity and Respect

Building the core values of integrity and respect in leaders. Covering topics such as ethical decision-making, fostering a respectful workplace culture, promoting diversity and inclusion, and leading with integrity in challenging situations. We aim to provide leaders with awareness, skills and knowledge on how to exemplify and promote integrity and respect in their leadership styles, leading to effective and ethical leadership within the government context.

4. Collaborate with Partners

Enhancing leadership skills for building trust, establishing strategic partnerships, fostering inclusive and collaborative decision-making, managing conflicts, leveraging diversity and inclusion, and developing communication and negotiation skills. We aim to equip leaders to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders, build consensus, and leverage partnerships to achieve shared goals and outcomes, while navigating the complexities of working with various stakeholders within the government and beyond.

5. Innovate and Drive Change

Explore innovative approaches to problem-solving, change management, and strategic planning, with a focus on driving positive change and fostering innovation within their respective government agencies. We aim to empower leaders to inspire and motivate their teams, navigate complexities, and create a culture of continuous improvement, ultimately leading to increased organizational effectiveness and better service delivery for Canadians.

6. Deliver Results

Equipping leaders with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to achieve tangible outcomes and drive impactful results. Focusing on key areas such as strategic planning, performance management, effective decision-making, stakeholder engagement, and change management, providing leaders with practical tools and techniques to enhance their leadership capabilities, foster innovation, and deliver positive outcomes for their teams, departments, and the citizens they serve.