Leadership Development

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Lean on our custom training solutions, interactive learning experiences, peer coaching circles and individual development programs to help you meet your organizational, team and individual objectives. 


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We understand that leadership competencies are front and center for most development programs. We also believe that success goes beyond the ability to execute a given task or behaviour flawlessly.


We believe that awareness is where it all begins, followed by a set of attitudes and beliefs. Only then can we begin to apply competencies and abilities. Once the first three pillars are in place, accountability can now be promoted and upheld.


And finally, we believe that all of these efforts are for nothing if not for a complete alignment between the individual, the team and the organization.











The instinct is to use a one-to-many approach for a cost-effective way to invest in group development. However, there is strong evidence that up to 87% of formal training is lost without follow-up coaching and support.


The 70-20-10 Learning Model is a guideline for organizations seeking maximum effectiveness in their learning programs. The model is based on research that states that:

  • 10% of learning is from training
  • 20% is from coaching & mentoring
  • 70% is from practicing & execution

We align with this ideal approach for maximum effectiveness and sustainable change by graduating larger to smaller groups and, finally, to individual focus. It’s for this reason that we recommend all three levels of development and support.





Learn. Do. Grow.





Interactive Learning

We apply a coaching style to our interactions. This ensures that exploration, introspection, discovery and commitment is a near certainty.

Your leaders will be challenged, encouraged and inspired to commit to bold, affirmative action. Real, sustainable change depends on it.


Allow your organization, teams and leaders to experience a wide array of developmental avenues.





On-Demand Solutions

  • Training & Workshops
  • Group Coaching Circles
  • Leadership Coaching & Mentoring
  • Team Building & Effectiveness
  • Customized Instructional Design
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Keynotes and Public Speaking





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The Team

Improving life at work matters to us. 


We believe it matters to you too.


Let us help with our experience, expertise and the external consultant’s unique and inherent ability to speak truth to power.