Team Performance

Awareness & Adaptation

Built on the fundamentals of modern psychology, Dynamix is a powerful tool for self-awareness and awareness of others. It provides a simple, effective framework for practical application in both interpersonal and team dynamics. 


Team members will learn about their own personal and professional preferences, their strengths and challenges, their drivers and pain points.

Awareness & Adaptation

•  Discover your communication style
•  Discover your team's preferences
•  Learn to identify styles
•  Learn to adapt and collaborate
•  Increase team effectiveness
•  Increase quality of relationships
•  Influence and engage your audience
•  Deliver outstanding customer service
•  Improve your sales approach


Team Diversity

Strengths & Opportunities

One of the greatest value-adds of the Dynamix tool is the ability to visualize team members in an easy-to-decipher grid. Gain instant insight into your teams

strengths, potential challenges, tendencies and gaps.


Above all, members will be amazed at the accuracy as they finally understand the push and pull tension and release they sense in the team's dynamics. 


Mostly, they will learn how to adapt to bridge the gaps and collaborate seamlessly once and for all.


See sample Team Diversity Grid below:



Practical Tools for Collaboration

Dynamix takes the guessing out of the equation. Simplicity is at the core of this assessment tool. Each team member will be provided with easy-to-apply tips and best practices to adapt to one another. 


Each member can customize their preferences and share them with others to ensure that their needs and wants are met during interpersonal interactions.


See sample Team Do's and Don'ts below:



Insights at your Fingertips

The Dynamix program includes a highly intuitive app. Team members will have instant access to all the content right at their fingertips.

  • Access to all team member preferences on your app
  • Instant insight to adapt and connect with others
  • Complete personal report in digital format
  • Team diversity grids, Dos and Don'ts
  • Share your profile with colleagues, friends and family