Seamless Transitions

Outplacement is a difficult process for both the employee and the employer. Providing support during this period is the human approach to an otherwise unfortunate business reality.


Our workshops support small to large groups bridge the gap during the transition phase of their careers. Each session provides  the participant with powerful insight, confidence and momentum one would usually gain in one-to-one coaching.


Additionally, the group setting provides an added sense of support and community as participants share their journey with peers.





Clarity & Mindset

Identifying the path forward

Losing a job causes havoc on a person's life. While the financial impacts are inevitable and evident, the psychological damage is one we most often overlook.


We get filled with fear, anxiety, negative self-talk and self-doubt. We lose focus, energy and drive. We forget all the things that made us successful in the past. 


The first phase of outplacement focuses on adopting a positive attitude and embracing a winning mindset. This allows participants to gain the mental clarity needed to set effective career objectives and to develop their value proposition.





Strategy & Execution

Structure Builds confidence

Once we've accepted change and gained clarity on our next destination, it's time to shift gears and move into execution. Knowing what you want is one thing. Learning how to attain it is another. 


The second phase of outplacement dives deep into getting and acing the interview. Participants will concrete plan, do the legwork on the backend and prepare to deliver a clear and confident presentation.


By the end of the program, participants will have gained optimism, self-confidence, an arsenal of career success  tools and the insight needed to move through the transition.


Losing a job is never fun. We're here to help make it a blessing in disguise.





Accessible to All

Driven By Value

A one-to-many approach to outplacement is the most cost-effective yet perhaps also, the most impactful way to support those who served your organization.


All interactions with participants are held virtual ensuring that everyone can attend, regardless of their geographical location.